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October 2024
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Available in 2024
New York City
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Chronicon is on a mission to elevate the visibility of the 133+ million Americans living with a chronic illness. Because, let’s be honest—this population deserves more love and support.

Through live experiences, content, and partnerships we create a safe container for people to hear the stories of thought-leaders and experts, find strength beyond their symptoms, and break the cycle of isolation that often accompanies feeling at odds with their bodies.

Inclusive. Diverse. Mindful. It’s our intention to make you feel seen, heard, and held. Because you are not alone, you are loved, and you belong.

Meet the Founder

Get to know Chronicon’s founder, Nitika Chopra, and learn more about her own health journey.

Let’s Go!

Chronicon's Core Values



We are committed to asking “how does this make the world better for people with chronic illnesses?” with every business decision we make, every partnership we form, and everything we create.



We are committed to building a diverse community of people that are united by living a life with a chronic illness. All lived experiences are welcome here.



We want people with chronic illnesses to know that they are more than their symptoms. We are building a community on a foundation of dignity and respect that runs on inspiration and that also inspires the outside world.


Chronicon is a global community with conferences currently in New York City


What is a chronic illness?

A chronic illness, as defined by the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics, is a disease lasting three months or longer. About 40 million Americans are limited in their usual activities due to one or more chronic health conditions.

What is Chronicon?

It is a one of a kind event rooted in the core belief that we are all so much more than the chronic conditions we might have and even struggle with at times. It is for anyone who doesn’t feel 100% well physically, emotionally or mentally and wants to feel less alone in their experience.

Why should I attend?

Chances are you have a friend, family member or colleague who is struggling with a chronic illness, and you might even be dealing with one yourself. Studies show that 45% of the United States population has at least one chronic illness today, and the rates are expected to rise to 49% by 2030. So why is the world set up to discount this incredibly large audience and leave it out of some of the most common everyday experiences? At Chronicon, we plan to include those who fit in this category and celebrate all they have been through and how they have learned to thrive in their lives.

How do I connect with other attendees before the event?

We have our very own Chronicon app that you can download to connect with our members and other attendees! All tickets include access to a part of our community. You can check it out here.

What is the Covid protocol?

We are requiring everyone in attendance to wear a mask, in order to keep those who are chronically ill, disabled, and immunocompromised, safe. We also require a negative Covid test within 12 hours of the event.

Will there be an ASL interpreter and closed captioning available?

Yes! We will have both an ASL interpreter and closed captioning for the event online and the in-person experience.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Please feel free to email us your concerns, questions or ideas for collaboration at

Do you have a code of conduct?

We do! All attendees, speakers and partners are expected to follow our code of conduct

What if I can’t attend chronicon in person?

No problem! There is a live stream option in the "Tickets" section of this website for you to purchase.

Want a scholarship to attend Chronicon?

Our founder is deeply committed to making Chronicon accessible to all people. If you need a scholarship for our livestream or in person Chronicon please fill out the scholarship application here. You can also find a scholarship application for our community membership here.

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