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Come together to be chronically you

You are more than your illness and The Chronicon Community is the place to go to celebrate all that you are.

There are over 133 million Americans living with a chronic illness but there has never been a community made just for us, until The Chronicon Community.

This community was created to celebrate all that you are. Honoring that we can be navigating our health while growing meaningful relationships, pursuing our passions and careers, indulging in a dope Netflix special, devouring a new book, and enjoying the latest in fashion. Being chronically ill and living a full life are not mutually exclusive even if the world is set up to have us think that it is. 

If you have ever felt as though you don’t belong because of the health challenges you face, we so get it.

Chronicon is on a mission to elevate the visibility of the 133+ million Americans living with a chronic illness. Because, let’s be honest—we deserve way more recognition, love, and support.

What’s included in every membership


Up to 6 Monthly workshops with experts to answer all of your chronic illness questions.


Connect you to new friends so you don't have to navigate your health journey alone.


Access to a replay of every workshop including the ones from before you joined.


Exclusive meditations, podcasts and videos made just for this community.


Early access to partnerships—with special deals just for you as a part of our "perks" program!


A safe community where we show up for one another with care, compassion and encouragement.

What our community says

Join the community and be reminded of how full and dynamic your life is while connecting with people who understand your specific challenges.

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