10:00 AM

Doors Open

10:30 AM

Opening Remarks by Chronicon Founder, Nitika Chopra

10:45 AM

Musical Performance by Nina Grae

With all of us coming from all over the globe to get to this action-packed day, we want to make sure you are centered in your heart at the very start. The opening performance for Chronicon is going to ensure just that.

Music is such a powerful way for us to get out of our heads and into our hearts and bodies. We are excited to welcome Nina Grae to our stage for a very special opening number before our day of content takes off!

10:55 AM

The Audacity to Thrive

Ableist culture has taught us that thriving only looks one way, but what does it look like to find your own unique way to thrive? Currently, we are sold a concept of thriving that doesn’t include those who are chronically ill. What does that mean for us as we aim to live a life well beyond the conditions that we are dealing with?

In this panel we will uncover what it means to thrive on your own terms and how to set yourself up for a life where thriving is a part of your every day. No toxic positivity or gaslighting included because thriving doesn’t have to include being perfect, in fact we find it’s far from it.

11:35 AM

You Can't Be What You Can't See

We are thrilled to welcome back our keynote speaker from the very first Chronicon, Stacy London, who will be having an intimate and illuminating fireside discussion with returning Chronicon speakers Dr. Darien Sutton and Mira Mariah.

For all the people out there who feel like they are the only ones living with a chronic illness or their particular condition – we so get it. How would our lives and the lives of millions of other people be different if we saw ourselves reflected in the media?

Like other industries where education and visibility has led to social change, this is about the ways that chronic illness still needs representation to help create the kind of change we need to see in the world. It’s this kind of culture shift that makes a lasting impact on an individuals life and so much of what Chronicon stands for is happening in this conversation. We deserve to not only be seen, but to be celebrated, and there has never been a better time to give us the spotlight.

12:15 PM

Nourishing Lunch Break

Enjoy a nutritious lunch and fuel your body for the rest of your day at Chronicon. There will be food to suit every dietary need possible and plenty of space to sit with new friends and connect over a delicious meal while still keeping yourself safe!

1:15 PM

Ignite Your Inner Activist

Chronically ill people are one of the largest marginalized groups in the United States and we know we have a lot of work to do in having real equality in our everyday lives. This panel will uncover ways that you can be an activist in your life right now, as well as how you can impact the networks, systems, and organizations you are a part of to create real change for this population.

2:00 PM

Design Your Ideal Work Week

In this interactive workshop, Business and Leadership Coach Amina AlTai along with Chronicon Founder Nitika Chopra, will dive into the ways that honoring your own unique rhythm can support you in creating the work life of your dreams.

Whether you want to follow your passions and embrace entrepreneurship or feel more empowered with a day job you love, this workshop will leave you feeling more connected to what would support you the most in your career. After hearing from Amina and Nitika you will get the chance to unpack these concepts in small groups with the people you are seated next to.

2:30 PM

All the Feels

In a world where mental health is discussed now more than ever, what does being emotionally healthy even mean? In this panel we will be diving into ways that you can support yourself with your own mental health regularly, and also hear stories about navigating mental health while working through some of life’s biggest moments.

Everything is up for discussion with this incredible group of experts who share about their own mental health while also supporting their clients. We will also be exploring the ways that social media can either contribute to our mental health struggles and sometimes actually support it.

3:10 PM

Community Connecting

The next 10 minutes are a chance to stretch your legs and take a mental break, interact and connect with each other, refuel on some healthy snacks or refill your water bottle at one of our hydration stations!

3:20 PM

Find Your People

One of the things we hear the most, is how hard it is for people to make friends while navigating the ups and downs of living with a chronic condition. You want to find people who really get it, who see you on every level, and who are aligned with the same values as you, but you haven’t really found those people yet.

In this panel you will get the chance to hear from folks who have felt that exact same way, but found community and real friendship through Chronicon, which has had a tremendous impact in their lives.

All programming is subject to change

4:00 PM

Keynote Interview with Alyson Stoner

We are so thrilled to announce that Actor and Founder Alyson Stoner will be taking the stage at this years Chronicon as our Keynote Interview! We will be hearing about Alyson’s health journey in a way she has never shared before, getting an in depth look at her own relationship with her body, what inspired her to create Movement Genius, and so much more.

4:40 PM

Closing Remarks + Audience Reflection

Take some time to hear from Chronicon Founder, Nitika Chopra, about what comes next after this incredible event comes to an end. We will also get a chance to hear reflections from members of our audience!

4:50 PM

Resistance Revival Chorus

Enjoy songs from the chorus that believes that JOY is an act of resistance, and let them fill your hearts as this all-women chorus leads us into our evening of celebration.

5:00 - 6:00 PM

Chronicon Celebration

After a day filled with powerful insights, conscious connection and nourishment on every level, you will have a chance to end the day feeling extra celebrated! For the final portion of our time together we will have special treats, activations, and plenty of time for you to make sure you have taken all the photos you want in our selfie area, plus more. You will want to make sure that you stay until the very end of Chronicon so you don’t miss one moment of this magical day.